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The word PRIYATE is taken from Sanskrit – the ancient language of India. The word means comfort and it beautifully articulates the sheer comfort and luxury that our product offers. Our Rugs have warmth and softness associated with them.

Our rugs are conceptualized and designed in the design offices in U.S. Our rug collections are inspired and influenced by the current social and cultural milieu to create woven pieces of artwork. Extensive research is carried out to understand the fashion trends on all levels such as architectural design, color palette, furniture etc. The collaborative effort between the design team in the U.S. and the manufacturing team in India goes into the designer’s brief. The approved samples are then finalized and incorporated into our collection. The carpets are manufactured at our Panipat (India) unit. The city is famous worldwide for handloom woven products. The expertise of the traditional artisans and the state-of-the-art machines available at our unit give us an edge over others. The joint venture enables us to offer our customers extraordinary quality at competitive price. Thus, we bring at your door step, best of both the worlds – the manufacturing expertise from the historic city of weavers, Panipat (India) and latest designs from the city of trend setters, New York (USA).

We remain true to our core values, offering our customers an honest product experience and committed service. People who understand the importance of lasting quality, choose PRIYATE.


Why Choose Us ?

Globally renowned for our expert knowledge and skill base, we are recognized as a leading manufacturer of carpets and rugs. Currently, we are shipping only in the USA. Design talent, innovative manufacturing processes and precise craftsmanship are at the very heart of Priyate carpets and rugs.



Creasing – When a new carpet is opened, it is very common that it may show some creases from being rolled while shipping. Rest assured that these will disappear after the carpet has been laid flat for some time. Rolling the rug with the pile facing outward and leaving it like that for a while may speed up the process.

Odour – A freshly installed carpet may give a strong odour as they are shipped in sealed bags and odours from dyes and fibres get trapped. This odour will naturally dissipate with time once it is removed from the package and is allowed to breathe for a while. Vacuuming also helps to let the trapped odor in piles to come out.

Shedding and Sprouts – Sometimes few teething problems arise with a new carpet. It may shed or loose fibres. This will occur only initially but in order to combat this vacuum the carpet on a low setting and after it has been vacuumed a couple of times it shall stop. However, some carpets are more prone to shedding than others. Sometimes loose, long fibres known as sprouts may appear on the surface of the carpet. These can be trimmed with scissors in order to even the pile.



All Priyate rugs are treated with UV protected compounds, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor use, while prevesting wear and tear due to harsh weather


Apart from adding to the beauty of your home, Priyate rugs are designed to resist the growth of mold and mildew. It’s anti water absorption properties keep the moisture at bay and keep your floors protected.


Designed to endure
heavy foot traffic, it is
ideal to plop out for an outdoor or indoor entertaining space. Yes,
that includes outdoor barbecues or evening siestas.


Priyate carpets are super easy to clean! Just hose them down with water and leave them to dry. Dust is no problem and Spilling is no sweat. Those things remain your dirty little